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View-Master™ Custom Reels

Each View-Master reel presents seven unique 3D images to your clients, drawing them deep inside your own virtual world of colourful images and marketing messages. Allowing you to progressively tell a short advertising story or illustrate a catalogue of products.

View-Masters have been used for everything from advertising motor cars by complimenting their TV campaigns to illustrating restaurant desert menus.

Use multiple reels (typically 3) for large product catalogues, diverse campaigns or supplementary inserts in technical books and manuals.

We can supply custom View-Master 3D reels to your specifications. The reels include centre art and text such as your company name and logo. Custom centre art allows you to grab the viewer's attention as soon as the package is opened.

We can also supply you with the ViewMaster Viewers which are essential to see the 3D images on your reels.

Please contact us for a custom View-Master quotation or further details.

View-Master Custom Reels
Custom Toy Story Reel

View-Master Custom Boxes
Custom Columbia Pictures Reel

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