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Spectrum™ - Fireworks Glasses
Custom Printing Our Speciality

Available now, from 3-D Images Ltd., in stunning colourful frames, - or with your own personalised artwork, and die cut to your own shape!

Spectrum Rainbow - Fireworks Glasses

Both you and your customers will be delighted with the stunning effect produced by our Spectrum™ special effects glasses.

Spectrum fireworks glasses multiply every individual light source many times, then convert each and every one of these light sources into the colours of the spectrum and in doing so project an amazing myriad of rainbow patterns.

Spectrum glasses are stunning with laser shows, disco lights, stage lighting, mirror globes etc. - in fact virtually any light source - and superb for viewing fireworks displays.

3-D Images Ltd carry a stock of Spectrum glasses with colourful generic patterned frames.

Subject to your quantity requirements, 3-D Images Ltd can also produce for you Spectrum reality glasses with frames custom printed to your own specifications (Minimum order quantity 1,000 for custom printed Spectrum 3D glasses).

Customised Spectrum glasses become a highly effective and affordable marketing tool.

Use Spectrum rainbow glasses as "give-aways", in night clubs, for special events, for sponsorships with frames printed with sponsor's details, promotions, fund raisers etc.

Recommended list price £1.99.

Please contact us for a quotation or further details.

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