LogoSpecs™ special effects glasses will dazzle and delight both you and your customers.

LogoSpecs™ glasses are fantastic for parties and special events, fireworks and night clubs. Use them at fireworks displays at Weddings, New Years Eve, Halloween or Bonfire night.
Wear LogoSpecs™ and hidden images and colourful patterns appear when looking at a spot of light.

Specially treated holographic lenses in LogoSpecs™ refract the light creating magical floating images of your logo or illustration, from every distant bright light source. Seeing is believing!

When viewing virtually any bright point of light LogoSpecs™ project a spectacular 3-D holographic illusion of images “floating in space”,. Witness the mind-boggling patterns and images when viewing the lights at amusement parks, discos, night clubs, concerts, laser displays, holiday light celebrations and fireworks displays etc. LogoSpex™ are particularly effective with spotlights, fairy lights and of course Christmas illuminations.