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David G Burder

3-D Curriculum Vitae

David Gifford Burder. BSc. FBIPP, FRPS

3-D Images Ltd. 31 The Chine. Grange Park. London. N21 2EA.
Tel.: 020-8364-0022/0104. Fax: 020-8364-1828.

Born: 25 April 1947

David Burder - 3D Photographer

Profession: Company Director.
Professional Stereographer and 3-D Photographer and Consultant, specialising 100% in Professional 3-D services (3-D Stills, 3-D Film, 3-D Video, 3-D TV, 3-D Medical).

Technical Director of '3-D Images Ltd.' (1989).
Director of 'T3' (True Three Dimensional Medical Technologies).
Director of 'The Colour Hologram Co. Ltd.'.
Director of '3-D Images International'.
President of 'The Institute of Three Dimensional Imaging in Medicine'.

Past President 'The Stereoscopic Union'
Past President 'The Stereoscopic Society'

BSc. Chemical Engineering. FBIPP. FRPS.
Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society. (Awarded for 3-D imaging.)
Fellow of The British Institute of Professional Photographers. (Awarded for 3-D)

Professional 3-D Awards
The Royal Photographic Society: The Williamson Award.
British Institute of Professional Photographers: Richard Farrand Award.

3-D Roles:
Director of various 3-D companies described above.
President of 'The Institute of 3-D Imaging in Medicine'
Past President and Past Chairman of 'The Stereoscopic Society', (the worlds oldest '3-D' organisation - over 100 years).
Past President and Past Chairman of The International Stereoscopic Union.
External PhD Examiner, and lecturer at The Royal College of Art, London.
Primary lecturer for 4 years, at The City University, London, Adult education course on 3-D imaging known as 3D Experience. Co-sponsor of Perception studies/ University Post graduate.
Corporate 3D training and supervision as stereographer at many photo shoots.

3-D Publications:
'Deadly and Dangerous in 3-D!' (The Nature Co., USA ), 'Creepy Crawlies in 3-D!', 'Scaly and Slimy in 3-D!'.
Co-author of 'Photographing in 3-D', an introduction to practical 3-D. Now in it's third reprint.
Prefaces on various 3-D and Stereogram publications.
Technical responsibility for the worlds first Stereogram postage stamp.
Papers presented at various international technical and medical conferences.
Medical articles in Journal Photographic Science and Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine, covering 3-D Endoscopy, 3-D X-rays and scanning.
Plus a multitude of 3D images supplied internationally to such organisations as Disney, MacDonalds, Hughes, IBM, General Motors, Ford, etc.

3-D Part works Series:
Series of 64 3-D centre spreads, for Natural History publications. Mainly SEMs.

3-D Inventions and Patents:
Developer of 'Virtual Video™', Patent holder for Full colour commercial anaglyphs, 3-D hard copy. Granted UK patent for full colour anaglyphs.
11 other 3-D patents pending, including 3-D TV, 3-D X rays, 3-D Endoscopy.
3-D Lenticular (3-D without glasses) supplies and services.
Unique same day printing services. Specialist in lenticular and other 3-D auto-stereoscopic viewing devices, for both 3-D movies and 3-D stills.
Designer and builder of unique 8, 12 and 24 lens cameras.
Various licensed technologies; please ask for details.

3-D on Television:
Consultant on various 3-D broadcasts, including supplying full technology and equipment, plus provider of footage as necessary, including various live appearances:
Sky 3D - Brian May : The History of 3D
Sky 3D - WW II in 3D
BBC Blue Peter
BBC Going Live
BBC Tomorrows World.
BBC Money Program
Benelux TV. Swedish TV

Recent overseas 3-D Productions:
3-D Technical Director, on location in Mexico, for the 3D video of Sports Illustrated Swim Wear
3-D Video Director for Scandinavian automobile factory polarised projection installation
3-D TV Director of broadcast anaglyph commercial for Gevalia Coffee, Sweden.
3-D TV broadcast of anaglyph advert for Nestle TV commercial, broadcast in Indonesia.

Pulfrich 3-D, for Video Releases:
Consultant for various Pulfrich based 3D Video productions including Pop Music, Medical, Computer graphics, and Natural history productions.

Accompanying 3-D print, with 3D TV:
Includes providing 5 million 3-D glasses and the printed 3D pictures and technology (full colour anaglyphs), for BBC publications 'Fast Forward' and BBC 'Number One' magazine and overseas commercials. As well as the 3-D responsibility for the accompanying 3-D broadcast, studio techniques and systems.

Other 3-D TV details:
For Benelux TV, provided full 3-D Consultancy and 3-D conversions techniques for 3-D broadcast of 'Body Matters' equivalent.
For Boehringer Pharmaceuticals, provided 3-D techniques (Motion Magic™) and accompanying printed 3-D (Anaglyphs), for medical TV broadcast.
Various BBC Radio 4 and World Service radio interviews, including first live 3-D fax transmission!
For 3-D Pop video, 3-D directed "Seal".

3-D Equipment:
Hire stock includes 35mm and 16mm 3-D film cameras, 3-D video cameras, projectors and equipment. Also full 3-D theatre supplies.
Designed and built over 17 different 3-D cameras.
Large variety of cameras in stock for stills and 3-D movie, including stock twin optics for professional 35mm movie cameras and projectors. Plus sundry 3-D video cameras, rigs, projectors and stocks of switching glasses and switchers.

3-D Supplies:
350,000 pairs of various 3-D glasses in stock!
Coloured or holographic or polarised or Motion Magic™. Plus Polarising filters, silver screens, and lensed viewers.

Other 3-D productions:
3-D Audio visuals shot for misc. government, medical, military, D.O.E, and commercial events.
3-D Image Stills library. Possibly world's largest commercial 3-D image stock library. Around 20,000 stereo pairs. Plus historical 3-D images.
(Our 2D images are also featured in Getty Image Library).

3-D Movie library:
Extensive 3-D Film and 3-D Video library:
Classical 3-D movies on film & video.
Historical 3-D images
Modern 3-D Film library available for theatres and theme parks.

Client List (Including 3-D Film, 3-D Video and 3-D stills.)

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