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When you visit many different exhibitions a year, it takes an exceptional display or product to really catch your eye. This is exactly what happened to me at a show recently when I saw David Burder's photography for the first time.

David's exhibition panels were completely flat but I was looking at a three dimensional object.

The illusion of depth on the display panel as incredible, a result usually achieved only when one is wearing those red and green 3D glasses.

Department of the Environment

This Department recently commissioned David Burder to photograph the countryside and heritage of Northern Ireland for a 3-D audio visual show "Shades of Green".

I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism with which he executed the shoot, when he managed to capture a number of images far in excess of our expectations, involving a fairly punishing schedule.

Marketing Executive at Crayola

Dear David
I just wanted to drop you a line to say 'thank you' for all your help with the Crayola "3-D View & Do Set".

You've been a great source of inspiration from start to finish, and I can hardly believe that everything has run so smoothly, without a single hitch.

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