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Magic Motion™ 3D TV Glasses
Custom Printing Our Speciality

Available now, from 3-D Images Ltd., in stunning black and white, - or with your own personalised artwork, and die cut to your own shape!

Magic Motion 3D TV glasses

The "Magic Motion"™, or "Pulfrich", process uses special 3D glasses that have the ability to convert regular movie footage to give a 3D effect.

Although the movie looks 100% normal, the type of motion content determines the 3D effects that can be achieved.

The filters and filming techniques for our special Magic Motion glasses were developed in the 1980's by David Burder who optimised the achievable effects, and reduced fatigue.

The process has been used in several TV broadcasts since that time, including Medical as well as educational and children's programs.

A similar process is used, but using different filter combinations, by such companies as Telcast™, for use in broadcasts concerning Dr Who and also for The Princes Trust.

Full consultancy filming service is available from our technical team.

10,000 pairs of glasses are normally held in stock. Custom printed glasses available (Minimum order quantity only 1,000 for custom printed Magic Motion 3D TV glasses).

Please contact us for a quotation or further details.

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