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ColourDepth™ 3D Glasses
Custom Printing Our Speciality

Available now, from 3-D Images Ltd., in fantastic flaming red frames, - or with your own personalised artwork, and die cut to your own shape!

ColourDepth 3D Glasses

ColourDepth™ 3D glasses, also known as ChromaDepth™, have the wonderful ability to make almost any colour picture look as though it has some 3D effect.

The 2 lenses contain Holographic Optical elements which break up coloured light, so that different colours come forwards or go backwards.

Works with any media, whether in print, on TV or projected.

We normally keep 10,000 pairs in stock, but will print to custom designs (Minimum order quantity 1,000 for custom printed ColourDepth 3D glasses).

We also offer a conversion service to maximise the 3D effect using existing commercial artwork.

Please contact us for a quotation or further details.

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