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3D Anaglyph Glasses
Custom Printing Our Speciality

Including 3D TV glasses
(3D with coloured glasses)

3D pictures that use coloured glasses are known as Anaglyphs. We create 3D Anaglyphs in full colour for regular 4 colour printing or TV and computer display.

3D Anaglyphs are excellent for advertising and in print. They are particularly suitable for the internet and mail shot advertising.

To learn more about 3-D anaglyph images and 3-D anaglyph glasses read our frequently asked questions or see our 3D image library of example 3D anaglyph images.

Tiger 3-D Anaglyph Photograph

Paper, and some plastic, 3D Anaglyph glasses are available with many combinations of coloured lenses, choose from RED & BLUE, RED & CYAN or RED & GREEN.

The Most Popular filter colours for Anaglyphs are RED & CYAN.

3D anaglyph glasses Hand Held Midi
Midi Hand Held

3D anaglyph glasses Hand Held Jumbos
Jumbo Hand Held
3D anaglyph glasses with Arms
Card With Arms
3D glasses custom printed
Custom Print, Shape
3D anaglyph glasses plastic Aviator frames
Plastic Aviator

(We also supply 3D TV Glasses)

With over 350,000 pairs of 3D glasses continuously in stock, 3-D Images have the largest stock of various styles of 3-D Glasses available. They can be ready for immediate delivery to you anywhere.

Please contact us for a quotation or further details.

New production of custom printed 3D glasses is quick and convenient. 3D Glasses can be made in any shape or size, e.g.: bottle shape glasses for drinks promotions.

3D glasses come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

3D anaglyph glasses Hand Held Jumbos

Hand held 3D viewers are ideal for 3D printed images in books, newspapers, magazines or mail shots. They are easily inserted flat either loose, glued or tear-off designed into the publication.

3D anaglyph glasses with Arms

3D glasses with arms that may be worn like spectacles, can be supplied either in plain white cardboard straight from our London stock or custom printed to your own design. These appear very prestigious and are used for promotions, print, 3D movies, 3D video or 3D computer software.

3D anaglyph glasses plastic Aviator frames

Deluxe Aviator style 3D glasses with hard lenses and folding arms are ideal for small audiences or personal regular use. They are especially useful in computer applications such as scientific, CAD and CGI modelling.

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