Focal Decoders 3D Images

Red Reveals

Why not use this method of hiding text messages. Revealed with red glasses.

For an example use the red lens of a pair of 3-D glasses for an instant reveal in the sample message shown here.

We stock red reveal cardboard glasses in various styles and sizes: hand held or with arms, even Spy Glass.

Focal Decoder™

Focal Decoder™ developed by 3-D Images Ltd. is the latest in ‘Instant Win’ reveal.

  • Impossible to accidentally reveal the hidden image.
  • Same day service available.
  • Bright crisp graphics jump to life.
  • We can encode from simple text to images of photographic complexity.
  • Any number of messages or pictures can be hidden within the artwork.
  • Gives a bright and brilliant image.
  • Decoders available ex stock.
  • In full colour or monochrome

Place your Focal Decoder™ card over the grey area to see the hidden image. (Decoder cards can be custom printed to your design).