Fireworks LogoSpecs 3D Images

LogoSpecs™ - Party Glasses

LogoSpecs™ party glasses special effects glasses will dazzle and delight both you and your customers.

LogoSpecs™ glasses are fantastic for parties and special events, fireworks and festivals. Use them at fireworks displays at Weddings, New Years Eve, Halloween or Bonfire night.

Wear LogoSpecs™ and hidden images and colourful patterns appear when looking at a spot of light.

Specially treated holographic lenses in LogoSpecs™ refract the light creating magical floating images of your logo or illustration, from every point of light. Seeing is believing!

Custom LogoSpecs

Subject to your quantity requirements, 3-D Images Ltd can also create lenses which will project your own customised holographic images, logos etc., and additionally custom print the frames to your own specifications.

Alternatively, we can also offer frames custom printed to your specifications, whilst utilising one of our existing generic lens patterns.

Customised LogoSpecs™ with your company logo and advertising on the frames of the glasses become a highly effective and affordable marketing tool, ideal for retail sales, direct mailings, new product introductions, promotional give-aways and grand openings etc., which create a visual spectacle and a lasting impression.